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About company

In 1995 by the RF Government Resolution for the benefit of the RF Ministry of Defence the Munitions disposal center «Forpost Baltiki» was founded. The closed joint-stock company «Forpost Baltiki Plus» became its legal successor on 28 August, 1998, when the new company was registered in Kaliningrad. The company performed special blasting operations within the Kaliningrad region area: building demolition, foundation breakage, destruction of bridges and overcrossings, protection of bridges against spring flood. After the Governor of Kaliningrad region had signed the Resolution on surveillance of land areas for the purpose of detection of the last wars UXO, the enterprise started to survey areas in Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad region. As the company developed its field of expertise, geographic reach and work scope expanded.

Compared to the year 1999 when the company professionals surveyed 49 land plots by 2005 the business volume of the company only in Kaliningrad region reached 850-900 plots per year. In 2003 the license of the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade for disposal of armament and military equipment was obtained and the first Federal contract for the benefit of the RF Ministry of Defence on ammo disposal of over 40 aircrafts and helicopters in Moscow region was concluded. In 2005 the license of the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade for ammunition disposal was obtained and the company started to perform works under contracts with the Federal Service for Defense Contracts Rosoboronzakaz. Between 2005 and 2014 over 50 federal contracts on ammo disposal of almost all armed forces were executed. The company has a wide experience of disposal of surface-to-air guided and unguided missiles, artillery and engineer ammunitions, mine and torpedo armament, air forces and space defense munitions. For the certain kinds of ammunition the company was recognized and appointed by RF Government resolutions to be the sole executor. Our portfolio contains disposal experience with use of unique methods and engineering solution, such as breaking and destruction of solid-fuelled engines of space interception missiles of several tens of tons weight into 200 kg pieces by water jet cutting, or disposal of self-destroying ammunition which must be done within one hour after moving at the ammunition storage by crane. In 2009-2010 the company performed a federal contract on disposal of artillery ammunition in quantity, exceeding the quantity of munitions supplied for the Berlin military operation of the Soviet army in the World War II. In 2008-2012 within the framework of military and technical cooperation the company performed works abroad: in Mozambique, Hungary and Greece, at the moment there is an offer for disposal works in the Republic of Belarus.

Since 2007 the company has mastered at first in partnership with German company «Heinrich Hirdes» and Dutch company «Boskalis» and then unassisted a new kind of work — surveillance of water areas. It took part in some international projects, owns a few vessels of sea and river register, equipment for some diving stations, self-propelled pontoon for 8-Channel magnetometer system «Magneto-MX» and unique 10-Channel underwater controlled magnetometer system, produced in 2013 by German company «SENSYS Sensorik & Systemtechnologie GmbH» at the commission of the company. View video.
In 2011 the company concluded the first federal contract with the RF Ministry of Defence to demine and reclamate the artillery munitions base near settlement Gusinoye ozero (Republic of Buryatia) with total area of 277 hectares, which in 2001 experienced explosions and fire accident. In 2014 the works were successfully completed. Since 2012 the same works simultaneously started in other similar ammo storages in Zabaykalsky Krai and Jewish Autonomous Region, since 2013 — in Ulyanovsk and at the engineering munitions base in the Republic of Buryatia, in 2014 – in Chelyabinsk region, in 2015 — in Primorsky Krai and Orenburg region. As for the disposal works in 2014 the professionals of the company performed works under eight federal contracts in 17 locations in Russia at the same time. View the geographic reach of works.

In 2015 the company marks 17 years of its performance. During this time the personnel of the company increased from 6 to 250, branches in St.Petersburg, Moscow, Ulan-Ude and autonomous subdivision in Dorogobuzh of Smolensk region were opened. The head enterprise has at its disposal the modern administrative and operating building of totally 2350 sq. m., among them over 1000 sq. m. of office area, storage and garage area - 900 sq. m. There is a museum and classroom for training of mine-clearance and ammo disposal professional staff members. View photos. The Center of ammunition disposal with its own staff, sites and facilities was founded to dispose of Baltic fleet armament and ammunition and destruct ordnance, which was detected while surveying 60 hectares of land and water areas 30 km away from Kaliningrad. A recreation facility for the company employees is to be built on this territory in prospect. View photos. The company has 17 hazardous industrial facilities all over Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, that are registered with the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision of Russia Rostekhnadzor and properly equipped for disposal and blasting works, 7 other facilities are planning to be registered in 2015. Annual turnover of the company runs up to 700 Mio. rubles.

In partnership with CJSC «Research and development center «Zond-R», Moscow, the company has developed and sells some search and anti-terrorist devices. View photos.

The company activities are supervised by Federal agencies of executive authority: the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry for Affairs of Civil Defence and Emergencies, the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision and others. The company cooperates with many Russian scientific-research and development institutions, the largest of them are: Scientific-research institute of mechanization of Krasnoarmeysk, Russian Academy of Missile and Ammunition Sciences, Petrovsky Research Centre “Fugas”, State Research and Production Association «Splav», State Scientific Research Institute «Kristall», Concern PVO «Almaz – Antey», CJSC «Vzryvispytaniya», «Baikal Institute of rational nature management SB RAS», OJSC «Rosenergoatom Concern» and foreign: «Reinmetall», «Heinrich Hirdes», «Tauberspecialbau», «Sensys Sensorik & Systemtechnologie», «Institut dr.Foerster» (Germany), «Jakusz» (Poland), «Boskalis» (the Netherlands), «ОZM Reserch» (Czech Republic) and many others.

The company pays grate attention to the recruitment, training and retraining of its professionals and supervises the quality of their work on a standing basis. Staff members involved in ammo disposal have Unified certificates of blaster and explosive works manager, the key employees are trained through the system of the UNO Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining. View photos. 8 employees have state awards for demining. The enterprise has all necessary valid licenses issued by RF Rostekhnadzor, Federal Security Service of Russia, Federal Service for Defence Order. A quality management department was established at «Forpost Baltiki Plus» and since 2008 the company has had the international certificate of quality management system ISO 9001:2008. «Forpost Baltiki Plus» is a member of Voluntary Certification System «Military Register» and since 2011 the company has had the «Golden certificate» of VCS «Military Register». In 2013 at the Russian Industrial and Environmental Forum "RosPromEco” the company was awarded a gold medal and certificate of recognition as the most environmentally responsible enterprise of the Kaliningrad region being the sixth in Russia. View photos.

For more info about the company activities please read «Our services», « Equipment », «Our projects» and «Company news».

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