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1. For land and water areas survey

Revolutionary changes in the Earth magnetic-field measurements, compared to those being applied over the last 20-30 years, resulted into placing in 2013 an order by CJSC «Forpost Baltiki Plus» with the German company «Sensys Sensoric & Systemtechnologie» for designing and manufacturing of an underwater Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle equipped with 10-channel magnetometer system of sensors of a new type, measurement frequency of which is 100 times more and weight is 3 times less than those of the preexisting ones. The developed system allows to increase performance and improve quality of water areas demining. The brand-new software provides georeference of detected UXO with accuracy of 10 cm. The video shooting related to the detection time of magnetic disturbances allows to reduce the diving works when lifting the UXO. The system is designed for UXO search at depths of 5 to 400 meters at a towering speed of underwater part of up to 7 knots. The underwater vehicle Scan Fish 3D is self-stabilized by horizontal handle bars with installed sensors to detect distance to ground and motion and has a system to avoid obstacles. The vehicle automatically maintains a pre-set depth by vertical handle bars irrespective of minor off-course deviations of the carrier vessel. The vehicle is equipped with Side Scan Sonar device, video camera, searchlight, altitude gage, manometer and a wing for 10 three axis Fluxgates probes FGM3D with scanning frequency of 200 Hz and sensitivity of 100 000 nT. The vessel is equipped with a winch and 3000 m cable which is operated via remote control, underwater positioning system USBL with attitude-and-heading reference system, computers with software for collecting and processing of data obtained from sensors. The equipment capability is at the top of company’s priorities and a good deal of time, efforts and means are invested to improve it. A large part of profit is vested into internal research and development, study of international practices of using the existing equipment, technology and the latest engineering solutions, and acquisition of the best ones. For several years the company was a distributor of the well-known German enterprise «Institut dr.Foerster» which produced one of the best metal detectors in the world «Ferex».

To perform water works the company owns two vessels of the sea and one of the river Register for carrying ready diving stations, high-speed powerboats «BAULAYNER», underwater search devices «EBINGER», self-moving twin-hull boat for carrying system «MAGNETO-120», diving equipment, mobile low-pressure chamber. For land clearance the company has over 60 individual metal detectors of the brands «FEREX», «SENSYS», «MAGNEX», «UNILAB», «MINEX», «METEX», three probes system «Ferex GPS Cartograph» with software «DATALINE», which allows to carry non-intrusive identification of ammunition and visualize the study results, and vehicle-towed eight-channel digital magnetometer system «MAGNETO-120» with georeferencing of magnetic deviations. These devices make it possible to detect ferromagnetic structures in the ground at the depth of up to 6 m. However, it does not mean that a cartridge can be found at the maximum depth and the companies promising to detect any kind of ammunition at the 6 m depth are cunning. Only an air bomb of 500 kg and more can be detected at such a depth. No more sensitive devices have been invented so far, so at great depth the land can be surveyed by stripping of the ground or by straight-hole drilling and lowering extended cable probes into the holes.

To clear the territories of former military bases and supply depots, having been exposed to explosions and fire accidents, the company acquired portable and handheld magnetic sweepers for collecting munition fragments before magnetometry.
In close cooperation with CJSC «Zond-P» (Moscow) the company is involved in development and testing of new means of ammunition detection and counterterrorism equipment. At the present these are electronic feeler «Zond-K», walk-through metal detector for magnetic body scanner «Zond-P», ferromagnetic objects detecting device «Zond-F» and cable lines search device «Zond-I». More details about these devices are available in «About company» newsletters.


2. For ammunition disposal

Involvement of the company into the government program on industrial utilization of weapons and military equipment has challenged the company in no time to acquire machinery, devices and develop some necessary equipment by its own forces.
In our work we use successfully four portable detonation chambers VK «Sphera» that allow to detonate inside it main charge of up to 6,5 kg in TNT equivalent. Over 57 000 cluster munitions with mines PFM-1S were detonated inside these chambers when destructing 220 mm RS 9М27KZ.

For water-jet cutting of munitions and solid rocket motors we use transported facility Jet Power produced by «URAKA» (Germany) with working pressure between 125 and 2 800 atm and home-grown technology of OJSC «Grot» (Vladimir) – «Water cutting complex KGR – 121» with pressure up to 1 500 atm.

The company developed and manufactured at its own expense and by its own forces a mobile complex for artillery shells disassembly KRAB–МК of modular-container type that allows its prompt use in any location of the RF for disposal of explosive in handling and unsuited for transportation ordnances in the field at their location (at storages, arsenals and other areas of the RF Ministry of Defence). The caliber of disassembled artillery shells shall be 23-115 mm, of those cutted at bandsaw machine SHARK 282 SHIEVO – up to 203 mm. Complex performance is at least 400 units per shift.

On top of that we designed and produced by own forces stands for disassembly of rocket-assisted projectile 9М27F, 9М27KZ, depth bombs RGB-60 sn, RGB-12 sn, for pulling out 5V55 type items from transporter-launcher containers, a tool for decapsulating of air-regeneration kit V-64 SVK-001, regeneration plate combuster P-001.

In November 2014 CJSC «Stroyenergo» (the Republic of Belarus) completed delivery of mobile unit equipment – lines for disposal of small arms rounds, smaller-caliber ammunitions and their parts (5,45-30 mm in caliber) with disposal performance of small arms rounds up to 1 Mio. units, of 23 mm cartridges with high-explosive flame rounds up to 8 000 units per shift.
Equipment capability is a key direction for development of the enterprise. Top quality of work, safety, responsibility to the Customer – these are the core principles of our work.

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