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Available productive capacity, staff and equipment of the company enable to dispose up to 30 tons ammunition per day.
There are 2 permanent, 9 temporary and one transportable explosives depot, 17 hazardous production facilities in different regions of Russia, that are registered with Rostekhnadzor and equipped for disposal works.

Within a few short years 2008-2009 the company disposed 511 844 units of tactical and near-strategic missiles, sea-launched cruise missiles, artillery shells, 10 thous. tons of mine and torpedo ammunition, which is more than it was supplied to the Soviet Army in April 1945 for the Battle of Berlin (460 000 units of artillery shells, «The Battle of Berlin», Voyenizdat, 1950). When executing contracts in 2008-2015 1 912 tons of non-ferrous scrap, 5 300 tons of ferrous scrap, 148 tons of scrap containing precious metals and 258,53 tons of propellant charge powder were realized and over 85 Mio. rubles were transferred to the federal budget. On top of that beyond the terms of the public contracts over 20 thousand 100-152 mm in caliber artillery shells containers of more than 1 Mio. rubles total value were picked out and returned to RF Ministry of Defence arsenals.

Since 2011 the company has worked under four public contracts on disposal of 220 mm rocket-assisted projectiles 9M27KZ «Uragan» equipped with anti-personnel PFM-1 mines. The first of these disposal contracts was executed within the Research and Development framework. A unique technology of projectile noses disassembly and their detonation in a special water solution was developed. These technological solutions, compared to the previous ones, increased the performance by two times, by two orders extended public equipment life and significantly reduced the environmental negative impact.

In 2011-2014 the company disposed of 10 506 units of 9М27KZ, 3530 more is to be disposed in 2015 so that will reach 14036 units in total. The perfected disposal technology within the shortest possible time relieved a problem of further RS 9М27KZ storage at the depots of the Ministry of Defence. As sson as the task is completed by the company in 2015 the chapter on existence of 220 mm RS 9М27KZ in Russia will be closed. At present a disposal of the same ammunition is negotiated between the company and the Ministry of Defence of the Belarus Republic.

Totally more than one million 100 thousand munitions of different kinds of armament were disposed between 2004 and 2015.
In accordance with par.17 Part 2 Art. 55 of the Federal Law No.94-FZ «On Placement of Orders for Deliveries of Goods, Execution of Works, Rendering Services for State and Municipal Needs» CJSC «Forpost Baltiki Plus» was appointed by the RF government decree

No. 1049-r dd 21.06. 2013 the sole contractor of the RF Ministry of Defence public contracts for 2013-2015 on disposal of armament, ammunition and their parts within the public defense order for the Khabarovsky Krai and the Vladimir region on the following items: RS 220 mm 9М27KZ, RS 220 mm, RS 122 mm, antisubmarine missiles of different types, antisubmarine rockets, sea mines, landmark antisubmarine rockets, warheads, surface-to-underwater rocket-assisted depth charges, cruise missiles, cruise missiles integral parts.

Over the last years requirements to the technical and environmental safety as well as environmental measures implementation have been raised. Consequently there is a need to develop and apply new disposal technologies and manufacture improved disposal equipment.

For disposal equipment information please see «Equipment».

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