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 UXO clearance comprises not only demining itself but the study of historical and war publications and all kinds of historical records, including those of each war participating country, research into the post-war demining history, study of manufacturers’ archive records about ordnance that have been used in war time, knowledge of ordnance design and engineering for each participating country to identify the ordnance and define the way of disarmament.

All these office studies and land and water areas survey data collected by the company’s professionals resulted into appearance of «The mine hazards map of Kaliningrad region» created with use of mathematical modeling program of the UNO Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD). At the moment Kaliningrad region is the only Russian region that has such map. View photo. Since the company was found in 1998 over 7000 ha of land and water areas were examined, more than 930 thousand of munitions with the total TNT equivalent of over 1 700 tons were detected and disposed including 858 air bombs. All this work was performed under 14 public contracts, more than 1,7 thousand business contracts with legal entities and over 3 thousand contracts with individuals. Only in Kaliningrad region 3 770 land plots of 5 825 hectares total area were cleared. The more significant clearance works were:

  • UXO survey of the construction site for a new approach channel to the 17,5 km shipping passage S1 under Public contract № 0301/09 with the Federal agency of construction, housing and housing services of the Russian Federation (Rosstroy), the Federal state-owned enterprise «North-West Rosstroy directorate – St. Petersburg flood defense constructions directorate» in 2006-2007. While performing these works over 660 ammo units were detected, removed and destructed.
  • in 2007-2008 UXO survey of anchorages and sand extraction area in the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic sea at the total area of more than 550 hectares under the contract with the Dutch company «Boskalis», which is one of the world’s largest companies in the field of dredging works. Over 150 munitions were found.
  • UXO survey of 148 km gas pipelining routes as part of the OJSC «Gasprom» gas infrastructure development program for the rural areas of Kaliningrad region. Over 500 units of ordnance were detected and disposed.
  • survey and mine clearance of onshore area of the Baltic sea before oil pipeline laying to the sea oil platform «Lukoil» D-6 in the Baltic sea. Over 80 munitions were found.
  • mine clearance of tsar fortress «Krasnaya Gorka» in Leningrad region under the public defense contract in 2006 – 2012. Over 1100 unexploded objects of the World War II were found and disposed;
  • mine clearance of the RF Ministry of Defence military supply depots exposed to explosions and fire accidents in the Jewish Autonomous Region, Ulyanovsk, Chelyabinsk region, the Republic of Buryatia, Zabaikalsky Krai, Primorsky Krai, in Orenburg region in 2011 — 2014 with the total area of more than 1200 hectares. Over 880 thousand units of ordnance were detected and disposed;
  • UXO survey of the Khrabrovo airport area under reconstruction. On the 33 ha area 285 munitions including 7 air bombs were found;
  • UXO survey of the «Rzhevsky» firing field gas pipeline part being under reconstruction near St. Petersburg of 21 ha total area. Over 1600 units of ordnance were detected and disposed;
  • UXO survey of the construction site in Klyuchevaya street and Rodnikovaya street in Kaliningrad. On the 20 ha area over 13.000 unexploded objects were found;
  • UXO survey of the Kaliningradskaya CHP-2 construction site in 2002 – 2006 with the total area of more than 500 ha. Over 4.200 unexploded objects were found and disposed;
  • UXO survey of 120 ha construction site of the LLC «Mariysky oil refinery». Over 200 unexploded objects including 35 air bombs were found and disposed;
  • UXO survey of the 370 ha construction area of the highway Kaliningrad-Zelenogradsk-Svetlogorsk-Yantarny-Baltyisk. Over 450 units of ordnance among them 19 air bombs were detected and disposed;
  • UXO survey of 80 ha construction site of the LLC «Atlant-Personal» in Kaliningrad region. Over 80 unexploded objects were found and disposed;
  • UXO survey of 370 ha construction site of the OJSC «Baltyiskaya Nuclear Power Station». 38 unexploded objects were found and disposed;
  • UXO survey of the 27 ha area before construction of the road from the St. Petersburg airport to the Konstantin palace for the EU-Russia summit. 430 units of ordnance were detected and disposed.

Of special note is company’s work on mine clearance of the former military bases and supply depots exposed to explosions and fire accidents. Zabaikalsky branch of the company was created for operational management of works in Sibiria and Far East regions. For byworks tens of local residents are employed, trained and attested. As these works are in the public interest (over the last time tens of people were killed and hundreds were injured in the military bases accidents) the regional heads create inter-institutional working groups consisted of regional and local administration representatives, MIA, FSS, MES authorities and the company management. To supervise works local and regional dumas, the Khural of the Republic Buryatia carry out visiting sessions on a regular basis. From 2011 to June 2015 over 880 ha of military bases and depots were surveyed and more than 860 thousand of unexploded objects were detected and disposed.

More than 50 employees have the Unified certificates of blaster and explosive works manager. Company workers take regular learning, training and re-training, participate in Russian and international exhibitions and international projects. The company developed and implemented company standard based on the International norms of humanitarian demining IMAS with due regard to the international requirements and Russian work specifics.

The equipment capability is at the top of company’s priorities and a good deal of time, efforts and means are invested to improve it. A large part of profit is vested into internal research and development, study of international practices of using the existing equipment, technology and the latest engineering solutions, and acquisition of the best ones. For several years the company was a distributor of the well-known German enterprise «Institut dr.Foerster», which produced one of the best metal detectors in the world «Ferex». In 2013 the company placed an order with the German company «Sensys Sensoric & Systemtechnologie» for designing and manufacturing of an underwater Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle equipped with 10-channel magnetometer system of sensors of a new type, measurement frequency of which is 100 times more and weight is 3 times less than those of the preexisting ones. The developed system allows to increase performance and improve quality of water areas demining. The brand-new software provides georeference of detected UXO with accuracy of 10 cm. The video shooting related to the detection time of magnetic disturbances allows to reduce the diving works when lifting the UXO. The system is designed for UXO search at depths of 5 to 400 meters at a towering speed of underwater part of up to 7 knots.
To perform water works the company owns two vessels of the sea and one of the river Register for carrying ready diving stations, high-speed powerboats «BAULAYNER», underwater search devices «EBINGER», self-moving twin-hull boat for carrying system «MAGNETO-120», diving equipment, mobile low-pressure chamber. For land clearance the company has over 60 individual metal detectors of the brands «FEREX», «SENSYS», «MAGNEX», «UNILAB», «MINEX», «METEX», three probes system «Ferex GPS Cartograph» with software «DATALINE», which allows to carry non-intrusive identification of ammunition and visualize the study results, and vehicle-towed eight-channel digital magnetometer system «MAGNETO-120» with georeferencing of magnetic deviations. These devices make it possible to detect ferromagnetic structures in the ground at the depth of up to 6 m. To clear the territories of former military bases and supply depots, having been exposed to explosions and fire accidents, the company acquired portable and handheld magnetic sweepers for collecting munition fragments before magnetometry.

For more info about the company equipment capability please read «Equipment» section.

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